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RadioSherpa was a company I founded with a friend of mine. The idea was relatively electronic programming guide for terrestrial radio. We developed a transceiver which aggregated metadata such as song titles from new HD Radio broadcasts and presented them in a consolidated display. When Internet connectivity was available, the RadioSherpa software would call its webservice to provide additional information about the song playing.

Below is a screen cap of what the display looked like. Our tiled display predated similar displays now prevalent on iPad sites (we developed this in 2006), and even Netflix.

RadioSherpa Slide Panel

When HD Radio failed to capture the public's attention, we shifted gears to a pure Internet radio play. Leveraging our web service, we developed new apps for platforms like Apple Dashboard. Here is a screen cap of one of our apps.

RadioSherpa Widget

In 2008, we sold our company to Sequoia-backed RadioTime, which today operates under the name of TuneIn. Bill Moore and his team at TuneIn have done a remarkable job, particularly in mobile. Currently TuneIn has more than 40 million monthly active listeners.