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I was the Chief Data Officer and Legal Advisor on the FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force. The incentive auction was the world's first two-way spectrum auction. The goal was to free low-band spectrum for exploding mobile broadband usage by paying television broadcasters to vacate their 600 MHz spectrum.

This novel auction closed in April of 2017 and was an unqualified success. The FCC received $20 billion from the mobile broadband providers during the auction, $10 billion of which was used to pay vacating broadcasters. After paying another $2 billion for the relocation costs of broadcasters that remained on the air, the FCC was able to deposit over $7 billion in the US Treasury for deficit reduction. More importantly, 84 MHz of low-band spectrum was repurposed for mobile broadband, leaving the United States well positioned to maintain its mobile leadership position for years to come.

In April 2018 the FCC won the Franz Edelman Award for its use of operations research (O.R.) in the incentive auction. The prestigious award presented by INFORMS recognizes outstanding achievement in advanced analytics, O.R. and management science. The FCC beat out teams from Intel, Europcar, TBS and China National Petroleum Corporation.

Being part of this incredible project was one of the highlights of my professional career. The incentive auction could not have happened without recent advancements in auction theory, cloud computing, RF engineering and regulatory policy. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more to visit the
FCC Website.

Courtesy of FCC Learn Website.